At the bottom of each project and job, there's a panel titled "Assets".

The purpose of the assets table is to provide a quick and easy way to find and view any related records to your project. This might mean quotes, invoices, purchase orders or reports! Here's some quick tips and information on how this table works:

  1. For a record to show here, you must be using the "Create" button on the related job and choosing your record. For example, if you want an invoice for an assessment to show here, you should ensure that you create an invoice from the related assessment.

  2. Click on the "eye" icon against each record to open it in a new tab.

  3. Use the "Viewing assets for" section to show the records from the same project, but were created on a different job.

We should only be showing the most recent record - so if there's multiple attempts of the same invoice, it's best to go to the invoices app and try searching there.

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