There will be times during your use of Crunchwork when you need to switch between apps. Instead of losing the page you're on, read on how to easily open new apps in new tabs, so you can work faster and smarter.

"The Grid"

In the top left corner of your page, there's a grid that you can click on - it's 9 squares. This opens what we call "the side menu", where you can access your apps.

Read on to learn how to use this optimally.


  1. Click on the grid to reveal the extensions panel.

  2. You can now hover on an extension of your choice to highlight it, then Ctrl + click on it and it will open up that extension portal on a new Browser Tab

  3. This way you can open up multiple extension portals on different browser tabs and you will not have to lose track of the current portal you were working on.

  4. All you have to do is switch between the different tabs opened on the browser to access more than one portal.

  5. As you can see below, we started with the Dashboard and then brought up the extensions' panel. Then doing a simple Ctrl + Click opened up more than one extension on different browser tabs.

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