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How do I import my price-book into Catalog?
How do I import my price-book into Catalog?

Use the csv import and export button to streamline updating your catalog

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Catalog comes with it's own import/export feature designed to help you upload line items in bulk. Follow these steps for a smooth experience uploading your Catalog.

Importing into Catalog

  1. Open Catalog and click on the "CSV Import" button that sits in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Choose the Team you'd like to use the items you're uploading. Click 'Next'.

  3. Use the CSV import button on the next window to upload a csv from your computer.

    1. You can download the csv format using the 'Download Template' button in the top right corner.

Tips for Importing

The Template Details section of the CSV Import window provides a guide on what column headers are required for upload.

You can bulk update your existing Catalog by exporting your Catalog using the 'CSV Export' option available.

After exporting your file, you can update existing Catalog items.

To add new items into the existing Catalog on the same file, add a new row leaving the 'id' column empty.

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