To duplicate a quote, simply click the "Create" button in the top toolbar in your page, just below the standard PDF reports.

Handy Tips:

  • You can use the duplicate button at any time.

  • Duplicate quote will be of the revision currently being viewed (not the latest revision).

  • If there is a job assigned to the original quote, the duplicated quote will still be linked to that job.

  • Quote number will be the next available quote number (as if the duplicated quote was newly created)

  • Duplicated quote will be set to "Draft"

The "Duplicate Quote" button isn't working! What do I do?

This occurs when the original quote contains Catalog items that have one or more locked properties, and the values of the locked properties have been changed in Catalog in the timespan between the source quote creation, and quote duplication request. If this happens, please speak with your Catalog manager about the best way forward.

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