Purchase orders, invoices and quotes all have the same fundamental layout for adding information, from line items to attachments and notes. We did this to make it easy for all users to learn how to use our tools fast.

By default, each time you open a purchase order, invoice or quote, you will be viewing the "Main Details" section

This page allows you to enter important information about the document such start dates, document ID, addresses and line items.

What you need to do is click on "Attachments and Notes", which is the next tab from Main details in the centre of your page.

When you click here, the page will update so that you can upload images and even documents.

These images and notes will be applied to outgoing purchase orders when you send them to vendors, and if assigned to a quote or invoice, will be embedded into the PDF file that generates.

Don't forget to hit "Save" every time you make an update!

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