There are a couple of ways you can search Crunchwork in order to find the information you need about your incoming jobs. If you're an insurance repair assessor, the below options will work best for you.


  • Use the "Assessor" dashboard. You can access this by heading to "Dashboards" and looking at the "My Jobs" tab on your page. This will show you all jobs that you've been assigned to, and their status, so you can easily see what jobs you've worked on.

  • "My Dashboard". This should be the default page that opens when you log in to Crunchwork. This will show you all tasks that are due soon.

  • Are you a manager? Try checking out the "Assessing Manager" dashboard. The "To Book" dashlet will give you a visual of what jobs need to be booked for assessment.


Pulse has some great filtering searches that will help you cross-check the information you see on your dashboards. Follow these steps to get an understanding of your jobs via search:

  1. Use the "Jobs" filter on the left hand side to change the list view to show each job.

  2. Use the "Job Type" dropdown selection to choose "Assessment"; if you work with IAG, you'll want to choose "IAG Assessment"

  3. Change the "Status" filter to "Book".

With the combined search fields, this means you are performing a search for all assessment jobs that haven't yet been "Scheduled".

Protip: Now that you've got your search results showing all assessment jobs that still need to be booked, you can hold down the control button on your key board and use your mouse to click on the green pencil icon against each job in your search. This will open each job in a new tab, so you can check out each job without losing your search results.

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