Tasks appear on both your dashboard and on each project within Crunchwork; some are automatically applied based off the project type and status, and others can simply be made by the user when required. Tasks can be configured per client, so please check with your manager to understand how your business has chosen to configure tasks.

Configuring Tasks

You can configure tasks in Pulse admin, which can be accessed by using the cog wheel in the top right corner of Pulse next to the question mark.

Task Categories

A task category can be used to indicate what action needs to be done to complete the task. For example, you can create a task category for "Email", so at a glance, the user knows that the task "Update Project Stakeholder" should be an email to the project stakeholder.

Task Types

You can configure task types that regularly need to be completed during a typical project. For example, if you know for every project there will be a "Project Kick-Off" to be completed, you can set this up as a task type and mark it as a "Meeting" for it's category.

The next step for best utilising this is using our Workflow engine to say apply the "Project Kick-Off" to each newly created project, and assign the task automatically to the assigned project manager.

Task Templates

A task template is the best way to organise sets of tasks together. Taking our example of a Project Kick off, you can now dictate when the project kick off is due.

What does the enabled button do?

Toggling this button off means that the task won't be readily available to users to apply ad hoc to jobs, and workflows can't access the task until turned back on.

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