The assessment jobs have pre-set statuses that match those from Opus. You can use these statuses to understand what's happening with the claim at a glance.

Any status that shows "Green" is a closed status!

To Be Submitted - This status is applied automatically when the site attendance time has passed.

Scheduled – the assessment is scheduled and dates are locked in.

Complete/ Awaiting Insurer – Your company is waiting on insurer from an outcome (variation approval, cash settlement confirmation, claim coverage, outcome of a claim referral)

Closed – when a duplicate claim is created but not required or when a rectification job has been completed with no costs to charge.

Cancelled – when the claim is cancelled in the portal by the insurer with no works costs incurred.

Cash Settled – when the insurer confirms in writing that the claim has been cash settled and canceler in the portal with no costs incurred.

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