Each works job needs to be given a valid update via the "Work Status".

It's critical to update the works job under the correct status, as your supervisors and team leaders rely on these to correctly manage projects and tasks on a daily basis.

To update the works job, use the drop-down selector in the top right hand corner of the works job page to choose a status.

Here's an explanation of what each work status means:

Awaiting Excess / Scope / Contract – initial works jobs status indicating that your company need to send the insured their repair documents (Scope of Works, Excess Invoice (if required) & QBCC Contract (if required).

Awaiting Customer – repair documents have been sent to the insured & your company are awaiting return or signed documents and excess payment (if required)

To Be Scheduled – repair documents returned & excess received (if required), indicated that the job is ready for scheduling or in the scheduling process

Scheduled – repairs are scheduled and dates are locked in, repair schedule to be sent to insured & insurer at this stage with completion date set

Works in Progress - repairs have commenced and are in progress

Awaiting Insurer – Your company is now waiting on the insurer from an outcome (variation approval, cash settlement confirmation, claim coverage, outcome of a claim referral)

Repairs Stalled – Trade – waiting on long lead item, awaiting confirmation on dates, repairs have stalled part way due to material or trade delay

Repairs Stalled – Customer – when the insured is stalling the claim (holidays, colour/product choice, non-responsive, pushing repairs back for specific date, getting own quote)

Repairs Stalled – Maintenance – when the insured has maintenance repairs to complete before repairs commence

Practical Completion – all works completed, quality assurance check to be completed, waiting on insured to sign completion certificate

Repairs Complete – insured has signed off completion certificate and claim is ready to be charged

Closed – when a duplicate claim is created but not required or when a rectification job has been completed with no costs to charge.

Cancelled – when the claim is cancelled in the portal by the insurer with no works costs incurred.

Cash Settled – when the insurer confirms in writing that the claim has been cash settled and canceler in the portal with no costs incurred.

Awaiting Payment – invoice has been submitted to the insurer - this is finalised by the accounts team during reconciliation of costs.

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