Combos are a great way to quickly apply a set of line items onto your quote that cover labour and material in one line item.

To create a new combo, use the panel on the left hand side of the page to choose "Combo". This will take you to the Combo builder page, where you can add line items, just like creating a bundle. You can add any material, labour and "other" line items here, as well as configure the zone overrides as normal.

Applying the Combo to the Quote:

You can add a combo to an existing group on your quotes by clicking the "Add Items" button in the top right corner of the group. Make sure you're using this button - it's highlighted in the screenshot below!

Clicking on the highlighted button will open a new pop-up window, where you can then search for the combo in the line item search.

Once you add the combo to the quote, we'll display all the related items on the quote with a yellow highlight.

Note, the type of the the combo will always display as "Combo" to avoid any confusion about the line item. This also helps indicate to non-catalog users that they're working with a combo, so they can get in touch with you if they had questions about how to best display the work.

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