If you ever need to monitor what purchase orders have been sent to a particular vendor, read on, it's a simple process that will also give you the opportunity to check the status of each PO.

  1. Log in to the Purchase Orders Module

  2. In the search filters on the left side of the page, type the name of the vendor in the "Vendor" field.

  3. We'll return any records of PO's for you in the main table.

Reviewing the Purchase Order Status

Now that you've got a list of PO's sent to the vendor, you can use the status column to understand whether or not if a trade will be completing the work.

Draft = the PO hasn't been sent.

Sent = the PO has been sent.

Cancelled = the PO was sent, but then retracted. When a PO is cancelled, we automatically send a cancellation email to the vendor.

Reconciled = this is a manually applied status that the finance team can use to help indicate that the PO has been reconciled. This is also an indication that the PO has been sent and the work has been completed.

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