Did you know that you can mark your quotes with an "Approved" or "Declined" status? This feature allows users to quickly identify which quotes have the thumbs up from management to go ahead, even when not using the quotes tool. Read on to learn how it works and where it can be used.

How it works

Submitting a Quote will set its status to the default 'Published' status. Once a quote is published, the user can denote whether or not if the Quote is “Approved” or “Declined” by clicking on the status and choosing from the drop-down.

The Job Schedule screen in Pulse now has a filter on the 'Quotes' list for selecting which quotes to display. By default this is set to 'Approved', so if you can't find a quote in this table, make sure you check the status selection!

The assets table on the Pulse job will also reflect the status.


  1. You may only mark a quote as “approved” or “declined” once the quote has been published.

  2. You can change the status once marked as approved or declined, there is no lock on this currently.

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