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How do I create a job schedule and send purchase orders to trades?
How do I create a job schedule and send purchase orders to trades?

Convert a quote for your job into many purchase orders, then schedule the start and end dates of your purchase orders.

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The job schedule (otherwise known as "Gantt Chart") is a feature that can be linked to a particular job-type in Pulse. It serves as a visual representation of the order of tasks required for a job, their order, and what timeframes they need to be completed in.

Configuration Requirement

The job schedule can be turned on any job type that you require to build a schedule for. For the next steps, you are required to have permissions to access Pulse admin.

  1. Open Pulse Admin and edit the job type that you wish to enable the job schedule.

  2. Choose the type under 'Job Gantt Schedule Type'.

    1. None means the job schedule will not show.

    2. Simple means purchase orders are unable to be sent after building the schedule.

    3. Linked to Purchase Orders allows you to send purchase orders based off the schedule created.

  3. Click 'save'.

Job Gantt Schedule type menu

How to Use It:

  1. Find the "Job Schedule" sub-panel on your chosen job and click "Edit Schedule" to open a new page.

  2. Select a quote related to the job to get started, build one if there are none provided.

  3. Pick a date and select "Generate Purchase Orders". This will convert the quote into multiple purchase orders.

When converting the quote in the job schedule, we automatically create a series of Purchase Orders, grouping these by the "Category" column. This means that if you have a line item for "Electrician" and a line item for "Builder" on your quote, we create two separate purchase orders, one for your electrician, and one for your builder.

This is so the job schedule creator can easily schedule the repairs work, then send both the schedule and purchase order to the vendor and customer.

Just to Recap:

  • Job schedules are found in Pulse under the job type chosen for your business.

  • To create a job schedule, you must first have a published quote. You may create a quote and then link the quote if you are missing one.

  • Upon converting a quote into a job schedule, Crunchwork also turns the quote into a purchase order, ordered by "Category".

Watch the video below where we create a job schedule:

Tips for using the job schedule

  1. Add project milestones as reminders of when certain tasks should be carried out.

  2. You may drag and drop line items from one purchase order to the next if you'd like to edit them after generating them.

  3. Vendor selection now strictly filters by category and top rating.

  4. You can hold 'Control' on your keyboard, then click on the title of a purchase order to open it in a new tab.

  5. Print the job schedule onto a PDF by using the "Export to PDF' button provided on the job page.

  6. Clicking ‘Send purchase order’ from the job schedule will open an email modal, so that you can change the email templates being used.

For the full web site, click here.

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