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How can I bulk assign users to jobs in Pulse?
How can I bulk assign users to jobs in Pulse?

Quickly assign your team mates to jobs in bulk using our clever checkbox system

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The bulk assign tool is designed to assist teams find clusters of jobs on the Pulse map, then assign team members to these jobs by their role. This tool is useful for managing large volumes of incoming jobs, and assigning team members appropriately in bulk.

Recommended Process

You can use this feature on both the project and job level of Pulse as you see fit. In this example, we'll just look at the project level, but the process will remain the same for jobs.

  1. Use the "Select Project Type" search field to define what type of project you want to start off with. In my example below, I've chosen "Generic Project". In your case, this might be a specific insurer or account that has recently given you a large number of projects.

2. Use the map on the right side of the page to select which cluster of projects you'd like to bulk assign roles to.

3. Use the "By Role" search field to now select any projects in this cluster with "Unassigned" related.

4. You may now use the checkboxes to individually select projects, or use the "Select All" button to choose all results.

5. Click on "Actions" in the top right corner of the list, then choose "Assign Team Members" from the dropdown menu provided.

6. Use the "Bulk Assign" pop-up window to now choose which team members and roles you'd like to assign to the projects. The window will not allow you to progress until you have assigned a user to all job types selected.

7. Click on "Assign to all" to complete the bulk assign.

Note: When you re-assign roles to a job, if another user was in that role previously, you will inherit their outstanding tasks.

You can watch the video below to see these steps in action!

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