When adding a new line item or bundle, you may notice there's a panel for "Zone configuration" at the bottom of your page.

This panel will allow you to change the values of your line item or bundles based off the zones you've created in your account. Values like your tax, mark-up, costs and qty can all be tweaked to suit the needs of your vendors based off their geographical reach.

Here's how a zone configuration is intended to work:

  1. When you create a line item or bundle, we automatically populate all zones from your account underneath the default configuration.

  2. To update the values per zone, make your intended changes in the row for the desired zone. Make sure that the "included" checkbox remains selected.

  3. If you don't want that item to be made available at all in a particular zone, deselect the "included" checkbox on the row.

  4. Now when adding the item as a group to a quote, you will only see the zone configuration as based off the account and zone selected against the quote.

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