When you receive a new claim, use the 'Projects' app to get started. Projects is the place where you store information such as claim reference, claimant contact information and more. Do not create quotes or reports for claims before creating a Pulse project first.

Get started creating a claim

  1. Click the grid in the top left corner

  2. Choose the square titled 'Projects'.

  3. Click 'Add new project', and choose the type of claim you require. The page will update to a form requesting claim information.

  4. Fill in the claim information, and choose an Account in the top right corner. The account should be the name of the client you received the claim from.

    1. Leave the zone blank, as it will populate after creating the claim. Zones are created by grouping post codes to create service regions.

  5. Click 'Create project' in the top right corner to complete creating the claim. The claim will create after the page refreshes.

  6. The claim is now ready to be used.

Next steps

You now need to allocate team members to the project, and ensure all the right contact information is prepared for the claim.

Assigning Team Members

Use the section on the right hand side to assign team members to their relevant roles on the claim. This will ensure that others know about the claim, and who to contact for queries. You can only assign Team members that share the same Team as you.


Teams who can view the claim can be edited after creation. Use this button to give permission to other Teams to view the claim and it's related documents.


You can create contacts for the claim, such as the claimants and authorised representatives for the claim. You can use the contact role to help others understand who to call first.


Use tasks to list activities to perform. Tasks are helpful as you can assign team members to the task, and due dates. Some tasks may automatically appear on the claim based off your Crunchwork customisation. Please speak with your manager for more information on automated tasks for your organisation.

Start the first stage of the claim process

Crunchwork uses jobs to split the claim into stages, so you can record all activities for each stage of the claim on a dedicated page.

To start the first stage of the claim:

  1. Click 'Create' in the top right corner and choose the job named after the first stage of your claim. For example, the first stage of your claim might be an 'Assessment', so choose the job titled 'Assessment'.

  2. The page will update to the job page, where you can record all activities undertaken at the assessment stage.

  3. Use the 'Create' button again to create reports, quotes, invoices and more for this stage of the claim.

  4. You can also use the 'External Job' option for allocating the job to a member of your supply chain. For more information about allocating jobs to external parties, read our Vendor Allocation guide.

Once you've created the job, you can start creating reports and communications for this stage of the claim. Using the example of an assessment job, you might want to:

  1. Call the customer requesting a suitable time for a visit, so that you can can assess the claim.

  2. Create a report for the visiting assessor to fill out.

For any actions relating to the job, use the 'Create' button in the top right corner of the page to create the documents required. Any time you create one of these documents, you can use the 'Assets' tab to view and find these records.

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