Unity's Quotes module is a powerful tool that allows organisations to control and distribute how their users, or tenants in the system, interact with pricing. To maximise the benefits of Quotes, use it in conjunction with Catalog, Zones and Accounts. If you'd like to learn more on these modules, you can find their help guides in our help centre by clicking here.

Quotes Basic Actions

In Quotes, you will be able to perform the following actions: 

  • Create new quotes

  • Search for existing quotes

  • Edit past quotes by making "revisions"

  • Duplicating past quotes

  • Create PDF 

Create New Quotes

To create a new quote, click on the "Create New Quote" button on the left hand side of your page.

Your page will show three main headers for a new quote: 

Main: This is the main page that you will be working off when creating a new quote. The customer information and address, type of quote, reference number, expiry and date are all managed here.

Addresses: Click on the bar titled "Addresses" to expand the field. There are two sets of information that you need to fill; "To" and "For". These sections allow you to specify up to two parties involved with receiving the quote. Below is a common example:

To: The Insurer
For: The Insured

In this example, the recipient is the insurer, while the insurer's customer, the insured, is also being referenced. 

If you are quoting for only one party, you can use the toggle "Duplicate For Data" to fill the for data automatically.

Notes: The notes header will allow you to type freely and add further detail to your Quote. The notes section will generate with the PDF, so keep in mind that these notes are not intended for internal use.

Config: This section allows you to configure what details of the quote you'd like to generate onto the PDF. Just use the check boxes to select the parts of the quote you'd like to see.
Account Select: Apply an account to your Quote. Line items relevant to this account only will be made available to search and add to your quote. Make sure you have your Catalog set up accordingly for this to work.
Zone Select: Apply a zone to your quote to guarantee the right line items are used.
Pulse Project Select: Use this field to assign the quote to an existing project in Pulse. 

Line Items

You can now add line items to the quote. You can do this by using the "Add Group" button - this will allow you to add an existing bundle or combo that is stored in your Catalog. This will populate your Quote with the associated line items, and allow you to remove or change items as necessary. 

You have the choice of creating as many groups as you'd like, and labelling these with as much detail as you'd like. 

Managing your line items 

Within each group, you can add bundles, combos and singular line item. All of your existing inventory items will be managed from Quote's companion module known as "Catalog". You can use labels and categories to assign new line items based off these tags - or, create your own. You have the following options for adding line items:

Add item
Edit Group
Duplicate Group
Delete Group


In the top right hand corner of your Quotes page, you will see two items:

Assign Users Use this button to assign team members to this Quote. This is handy for understanding who has made what Quote, or who needs to have eyes over the quote. Once you assign a quote, it will notify the user.

Create: Use this button to create the PDFs, revisions or duplicate a quote.

Save: You can save the quote as a draft. This makes it easier to come back and edit at a later date.

PDF Report: Download all quote information to a PDF file and save to your computer hard-drive.

Submit: This will finalise the quote, so make sure that you double check everything before you hit submit! Once you've submitted the Quote, you can't make any new edits. If you need to make changes, you can click on "New Revision" to duplicate the old quote and open it for editing. You can then toggle across different revisions using the drop-down provided.

Mandatory Fields

If your quote isn't saving, have a look over each field in the quote line items. The quote will not be saved until all mandatory fields have been filled. 

Can I use the Quotes tool on my mobile?
You certainly can! Quotes is a great tool for onsite employees. You can check out our guide on setting up Unity on your mobile for easy access here.

Run into trouble? Send us a message at support@codafication.com 

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